Real Estate Closings

Mr. Amos began closing residential real estate loans right out of law school in 1998 when real estate was really booming.  Working for a law firm that closed between 150 to 200 loans per month allowed Mr. Amos to gain ample experience as well as to learn how to solve those pesky issues and problems that inevitably arise in the real estate settlement process.

With 20 years of real estate settlement experience under our belt, you are in good hands with Amos & Amos.  Whether you just need a simple deed or are executing a Tax Deferred Exchange, we are here to help you.  Give us a call.

Closings/Settlements – purchases, refinances

Title Searches

Deed Preparation – If you have gotten married or inherited property and want to change your deed

Offer to Purchase and Contract

Free Trader Agreements

Lease Agreements


Tax Deferred Exchanges