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macbookWhen you choose to hire Midtown Divorce & Family Law, you are not shuffled from one attorney to the next or dealing with a legal assistant, you will work directly with your attorney to get your matter resolved. You can trust that our law firm will help you through your separation and divorce as efficiently as possible while maintaining a focus on your individual goals and best interests.

We represent clients in divorce, child custody, child support, post-separation support, alimony (spousal support), property division (equitable distribution), real estate transactions, and will and other document preparation. In addition, we assist clients with modifying their child custody and/or child support arrangements where appropriate and handle other family law matters such as name changes, registration of child support or child custody orders, and legitimation actions. If you have a specific family law matter, are separated and want to know the next steps, or are just thinking about leaving and want to get prepared, feel free to Contact Us or call our office at 919-882-2054 to set up your initial one-hour consultation for only $100.

In the meantime, you may click through our website to find some helpful information about the areas in which we practice and the most common and important areas of North Carolina divorce and family law. Please keep in mind that this information is general and not intended as legal advice.