We strive to offer affordable family law legal services to our clients.

We offer a low flat fee divorce (uncontested divorce only) for $750.00, this includes court fees and service by certified mail, additional fees apply if service by sheriff.  

We offer low cost initial consultations for $100.00 for up to one hour.

For all other family law matters, we charge a very reasonable hourly billing rate that is less than many other family law attorneys while maintaining a high level of service to our clients. Our attorneys’ rates range from $150 per hour (for non-litigation matters) to $200 per hour (for litigation). In addition, we have comparatively low initial retainer fees.

We are often asked why we cannot charge a flat fee for all family law legal services and this is because every person’s situation is unique and it is impossible to estimate how much time your particular matter will require. If we charged a flat fee, most likely we would have to overcharge our clients! When we work off of an hourly billing system, clients get exactly what they pay for and are refunded any funds remaining at the end of our representation. We do our best during your consultation to estimate a range of what we anticipate your fees would be but we cannot guarantee that your particular matter will fall within that range.